Top Flow Z Inflations **

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Price is for 1 inflation. We decided to offer these as part of our product offering due to some of our current customers who absolutely swear by them.  They are expensive, so not for everyone.  If you are looking for a shorter inflation for your Nigerian Dwarfs, these may be the answer.

Length comparison of inflations:

TopFlow Z – 6 1/4″
Nigerian – 8″
Standard – 9 3/4″

These inflations pull the milk away from the teats very quickly.  I still personally prefer our basic inflation setup for its simplicity but was very happy with the performance of the TopFlow inflations when testing them.  The green “cage” around the inflation allows for easy attachment to the teats.  Sliding it up or down turns the vacuum on and off to the inflations.  One other benefit is ease of removal from teats without pulling on the teats.

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