Current Customer Upgrade

We are offering our newly designed system at a discount to all of our current simple PULSE customers.  Read below for all the details and to take advantage of this discount if you are interested in upgrading your system.  You can reuse part of your current system to reduce the price even more if you choose to do so.

Who qualifies:

  • Simple PULSE system owners
  • Purchased System prior to March 20, 2020
  • Original purchaser: must show up in order system , have proof of purchase or other evidence of purchase from simple PULSE.
  • Will be the one using new simple PULSE (can not purchase for third party)
  • Still milking their animals for part or all of the year

How to order:

  • Select system options:
    • 4CFM Basic System
    • 6CFM Basic System
    • 4CFM High Capacity
    • 6CFM High Capacity
  • Select component(s) desired to reuse on new system (this will reduce the price you pay):
    • Milking lines and inflations
    • Pulsator
    • Regulator
    • Jars and Universal lids
      • If you choose to not reuse your jars and lids, you will receive 2 of our new All-In-One lids and 4″ 1 gallon jars
    • Vacuum Pump
      • For pump to be mounted into the system it must be oil-less model purchased from simple PULSE. If not verify compatibility with simple PULSE.
      • All other vacuum pumps may not be mountable in the system.
    • 2.5 G SS bucket

Qualifying orders will receive:

  • A generous discount off normal or pre-order price will be given to complete system as well as a credit will be given for each component that is selected to reuse in new system as long as you meet qualifications above.
  • All system prices include free shipping within the lower 48 United States.
  • Systems will ship when there is availability (Earliest date: August 31, 2020)
  • This is a 1 time discount, discounted prices are shown below.

To pre-order a system, fill out the form below and once we verify that you qualify for the discount, we will send you an invoice for payment.  As we are still finalizing details, all descriptions, appearances and prices are subject to change by simple PULSE.  However, once your pre-order is placed, your price will not change even if our prices increase.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Jesse and Cristen Sullivan