Inflation Shut Off Switch*

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Use to maintain vacuum or to close inflation lines to avoid sucking in unwanted dust and debris when system is running but not actively milking.
Easily inserted into milk line.

Most commonly used on all of our systems when milking all 4 quarters of a cow at one time, to better control how the quarters empty.

On the older style systems, with blue tanks that do not have supply valves, or only have one supply valve, these are used to control the suction when milking two goats at one time. It allows one to turn off the suction to one set of milking lines.

These are less commonly used with our new system, when milking goats and sheep, as the new system does have supply valves to each milking assembly.

Made for 1/2″ ID hose.
(Newest shut-off switch is blue and white. Colors may vary.)