High Capacity Add-On Kit

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1/6/22 - Lead time is 2-3 weeks.  

This high capacity add-on kit converts our basic system into a high capacity system with wheels, handle, hose management and a spot for our 2.5 gallon SS bucket. 

The High Capacity Kit can be ordered with no bucket, or a bucket with our basic 2 port bucket lid or our All-In-One (AIO) bucket lid. AIO bucket lid features a pour spout and the ability to filter your milk while you milk. 

Bucket ordered with cart WILL SHIP with cart.

Disposable milk filters available.

(Photos: High Capacity Cart, High Capacity Cart attached to Basic System,High Capacity Cart attached to Basic System with 2.5 gallon bucket with AIO lid,High Capacity Cart attached to Basic System back view, Basic Bucket Lid, All-In-One lid. Images for reference, prices vary based on options selected.)

As we are still finalizing details, all descriptions, appearances and prices are subject to change by simple PULSE.