All-In-One Bucket Lid *

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Simple PULSE All-In-One Bucket Lid

This lid will fit on our 2.5 Gallon SS bucket. It will also fit on other buckets designed for milking under vacuum pressure with an opening of 6 3/4" to 7”. 

The Blue Filter Cap, Filter Cap Gasket, Pour Spout Plug are interchangeable with our All In One lids for 1 gallon jars. If you do not have those components already, please choose yes. (Yes - (FC + FCG + PSP).

The AIO insert is compatible with our basic bucket lid gaskets. If you do not have a bucket lid gasket already, please choose yes (Yes - Gasket)

Complete All-In-One Bucket Lid is $74.00

Milk:  Attach vacuum and ½” ID milk lines to milk into a bucket.  Use with simple PULSE Professional Home Milking System or other milking system.

Filter:  Use disposable milk filter to filter milk before it enters into bucket.

Pour:  Compound pour spout makes for a smooth clean pour to pour filtered milk into other containers ready for fridge.

There are many features built into this lid that make it easy to use and clean.  Here are a few more:

  • Ideal port design for easy hose attachment
  • Disposable filter compatibility
  • Easy disassembly
  • Easily removable gaskets
  • Low strength requirement
  • FDA food safe material
  • Save time by combining processes
  • Better quality due to less open containers