4 CFM PREPPED OIL LESS VACUUM PUMP (ready to install in white unit)**

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Intake gaskets: These sit around the fan shrouds and provide a bit of cushion and support around the pump. It is a good idea to replace these if they are worn or misshaped. 

Pump springs: The pump sits on these, inside of the white unit and provide cushion and vibration. It is a good idea to update, when swapping the pump out, if an older style spring is in place or they have been worn.

Shipping supports: Should be used to hold the vacuum pump in place inside the white unit when shipping or transporting long distances. Supports MUST be removed, prior to operation of system.

We also carry stand-alone pumps if you are not installing into a white unit.

If you need a pump for 2 goats/sheep or a cow or if MILKING OVER 4,000’ ELEVATION, PURCHASE THE 6 CFM PUMP.