2.5 Gallon Stainless Milk Bucket **

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2.5 gallon (10 liter) stainless steel milk bucket. These buckets are 6 pounds empty and a great option for those that are wanting to collect more than 1 gallon at a time but still want to avoid using a larger bucket.

This bucket is made out of 304 grade stainless steel and seamless on the inside. The bucket comes with a stainless steel lid for transporting purposes.

You have your choice of lid:

- All-In-One Bucket lid that allows you to filter your milk while milking and pour off into your storage containers and tapered ports for getting your hoses on and off easily (Filters can be ordered here)

- Basic Bucket lid that has 2, 11/16″ ports that work best with our 1/2" silicone hose (it will work with the Transflow hose but it can be difficult to get on and off the first few times)

You also have your choice of a shut off switch to allow for easy build up of vacuum to your bucket and 0-6 feet of silicone hose for connecting the bucket to your system.  

Price includes free shipping in the Continental US.

Note: Under vacuum pressure it is normal for it to make a slight noise as it adjusts to the vacuum.