Oil Mist Eliminator **

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This oil mist eliminator eliminates oil mist and allows for the recycling and reuse of your oil.

Oil mist eliminator comes with all fittings necessary to attach to a vacuum pump purchased form simple PULSE.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that you indicate which pump style you have so that we can send the correct fittings.  If you are purchasing this filter for a pump not purchased from simple PULSE then you may need to add a fitting to attach to your pump.  We stock a common vacuum pump fitting (M24 x1.5) SKU M2415 and can be purchased separately. If purchasing to use on a different pump, we do not guarantee it will fit or work and do not offer troubleshooting support with that pump or troubleshooting support with an application different from milking  

– Significantly reduces oil loss
– Reduced mess from oil loss
– No oil mist in close quarters, like at a show or in an enclosed milk room
– Reduces noise of vacuum pump
– Will work with any of our current vacuum pumps

– Cost
– Adds 5 lbs to the weight of the vacuum pump
– You will have to add the collected oil back into the vacuum pump as needed via the shut off switch