SP Basic Milking System

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Updated 2/20/23 - Lead time for systems is 4-6 weeks. Top Flows are out of stock and systems ordered with those might see a longer lead time.

Updated 11/19/22 - Lead time for 6 cfm systems is 8 weeks. Lead time for 4 cfm systems is around 4 weeks.  This is an approximate time that we try hard to stay within, you can call to check on status of your order at any time.

Basic system includes (some items will increase price):

1) White molded unit with pulsator, regulator, gauge and overflow jar

2) Your choice of 4 or 6 CFM oil free vacuum pump (4 CFM pump should NOT be chosen if you are above 4,000 feet elevation)

3) Clean air and Vacuum exhaust filters

4) Your choice of milk collection: jars or a bucket

5) Your choice of 1 or 2 milking assemblies with your choice of Transflow or Silicone hoses and your choice of inflations

6) Inflation brush

7) Disposable milk filter storage jar

8) User Manual

We highly recommend adding the cable brush kit as that is needed for recommended weekly deep cleaning.

System will ship free in the continental US, please contact us for shipping quote to anywhere else.

Systems are built in the US.