Give-A-Way Contest Winners!

Give-A-Way Contest Winners!


We hope that everyone had a great holiday season with their families! We got to spend several days playing in the snow which was very fun for our children. We travelled to the snow for Christmas and then it snowed at our house!

We want to thank everyone who submitted a video, we had some great submissions! Our grand prize winner is Tom and Natalie Epler from Carpenter Creek Ranch in Oregon. They nominated Bitsy Zimmer and she will be the lucky recipient of a new simple PULSE milking system! 

There were five other videos that we want to recognize as runner-ups. Those folks will each get a $100 gift certificate to our website. Those winners are: 

- Michelle Bravo, Monkey Hill Farm

- Gordon Dean, Living Dreams Nigerians

- Heather Edwards, Edwards Family Homestead

- Melissa Holahan, Chubb E. Acres Farm

- Amanda Willis-Frier, Reston Ridge Nubians

Nine years ago we created the simple PULSE to make milking simpler for small homesteaders. We are delighted that we have customers who keep coming back to us as we design and create new solutions. These videos highlight this and will be great for prospective new customers to watch.

Look for all of these videos at some point in the future on our website. 

Thank you and happy milking!

Jesse and Cristen Sullivan

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