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Ordering a System

Ordering a System – All of your questions answered!

1. Start by selecting the correct system according to your needs, follow the flow charts located here if needed. (2019 NOTE: 3 CFM system is no longer available)

2. Your system options are as follows, follow the links for information about each system or to place the order.

6 cfm Single6 cfm DoubleCowNo Pump

3. You will have three options that you will need to make selections for once you go to a system.

a. Type of milking hose:

FDA Approved. Transflow is specifically designed for raw milk applications.  It is specially formulated to reduce the risks that can occur with the use of rubber tubing.  It is made to not dry out or crack which allows it to last longer than rubber tubing.

Transflow tubing has a smooth, non-porous bore that reduces the occurrence of buildup of butterfat or milk solids and it is not affected by strong cleaners.  It is clear which permits immediate visual inspection of your milk and the cleanliness of your lines.  Contains no BPA or phthalates.

FDA approved, silicone is unaffected by temperature meaning it will perform the same at 90 degrees or -20 degrees maintaining the same flexibility and ease of use. This is the main difference between it and the Transflow tubing, it’s flexibility.

Silicone will not dry out or crack. Milk, fat, bacteria and cleaning solutions will not react with the silicone thus not allowing deterioration of the milk line. It is perfectly hygienic with a longer life span than other types of milk tubing. Silicone tubing will not discolor from its original translucent color. Silicone is said to last longer than any other hose material.

b. Box or no Box:

HDPE BoxNo Box
This box offers great portability to your system by offering a place to mount your tank and hold your jars all with a handle for easy carrying.
Even if you milk into a bucket you could store milking supplies in the box or use jars on milk test days if you participate in DHIA.
HDPE material allows for easy cleaning of your box.

This is a good option if you don’t need portability of your system and are collecting milk into a bucket. Your tank can be mounted to a wall or a cart if you do not get the box.

c. Style of Inflations, click here for picture of inflations:

Select for standard breed goats, large teated cross breed goats and most cows.

Select for Nigerian Dwarf goats, small cross breed goats and small cows.

These inflations are extra small for Nigerian Dwarf and small teated animals

4. After you choose your system you will need to add a milk collection option. You can choose between jars, buckets or your own container. Click on links to add to your order.

JarsBucketsYour own containerLids
Gallon Glass Jars 2.5 Gallon SS

6 Gallon Transparent PVC

Milk bucket with lid that has 1/2″ ports

Your own gallon or 1/2 gallon jars

Gallon Lids

Mason Lids

Bucket Lids>

5. Now that you have chosen your system and milk collection options, here is a description of some of the ADD ON options you may be interested in adding to your order.

Cleaning Supplies
Cable Brush Kit

  Inflation Brush (Included with each new order)  

Milk Filter
   In Line SS Milk Filter   

Vacuum Pump Extras
Extra Vacuum Hose

Oil Mist Eliminator or Exhaust Kit

 Replacement In Line Filter for Vacuum Hose 

Vacuum Pump Oil