Oil Mist Eliminator

One of the components that allows us to make our systems so affordable is the oil based vacuum pumps.  There are pros and cons to these pumps and one of the cons is that they put off an oil mist and lose oil.  Desiring to solve this problem put forth by our customers we have been working with a company to come up with a solution.


This company specializes in oil mist elimination solutions and together we have come up with a custom oil mist eliminator made to pair with our milking systems.  These eliminate virtually all oil mist and allow for easy recycling and reuse of the vacuum pump oil.  We have put together a video to show you how these operate and it is available at the following link:



The oil mist eliminators are available on the website, please let us know what style of vacuum pump you have in the notes section at checkout so that we can make sure you get the correct parts.  They are available for $99 with free shipping within the US.



We still offer a basic option that vents the oil mist out of your milking area that comes standard with every new system purchase.  You will need to replace oil on a routine basis with this solution.



If you have any questions, please let us know.


Jesse and Cristen Sullivan