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Milking System Options

Thank you for considering a simple PULSE system for your milking needs!  Below you will find a variety of combinations on how to setup your system.  Part of what makes the simple PULSE so attractive is the fact that it is so customizable.  Clicking on a picture will show you a larger version of the picture and a description of the options shown, click on the “Order Now” link in the description to order that base system.  These are not all of the ways our system can be setup but cover the most common setups we get orders for.

If you know exactly what you want to order feel free to go straight to the Shop, but if you would like to visualize some different options then take a look below.


Now we would like to show you pictures of how some of our customers have their simple PULSE milking systems setup within their milking areas.  No two farms have the same setup or infrastructure and may require a little bit of creativity to come up with the setup that works for you and your animals.

Email us a picture of your setup if you would like to be added to this page.