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simple PULSE will work on miniature and standard goats as well as sheep and cows.
We know that you and your animals will love milking with the simple PULSE, however if you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return it for a refund within 30 days. Original shipping charges are not refundable, and the customer is responsible for all return or exchange shipping fees. This guarantee does not apply to items that have been abused by careless handling. We offer a 1 year limited warranty on the parts of the simple PULSE. Items must malfunction as part of normal operation and not be damaged, broken or lost by the owner. Contact us to return the broken parts and arrange for replacements to be sent.
Most orders are shipped within 1 week. Our busy season is February through June and lead time can be 1-2 weeks depending on number of orders we receive. You will be updated with a FedEx tracking number once your simple PULSE ships. We are a small family business and appreciate your patience while you wait for your system!
Replacement parts can be ordered from us at a discounted price if you break or lose a component of your simple PULSE.
The inflations are made of silicone and the hoses are Transflow dairy hoses. Transflow tubing is Grade A quality tubing that meets FDA, 3A, and Canada standards for raw milk tubing. Clear tubing allows visual inspection of milk flow, smooth, non-porous bore resists buildup, lightweight and flexible, durability for long term use.
Yes, the simple PULSE uses a 110 volt vacuum pump.
We suggest having the vacuum gauge set to 12" hg while milking, the amount of vacuum can be adjusted by the regulator that is on the tank next to the gauge.
We sell our system without a vacuum pump for those that already have a pump or want to use a different one than the one we sell. We recommend a pump with at least 6 CFM. Our tank comes with a vacuum regulator and gauge as part of the system.
There is a safety mechanism within the tank that shuts vacuum off once the liquid rises to a certain level which prevents liquid from reaching your vacuum pump, which protects the pump. Once vacuum is shut off or you realize liquid is going into the tank, you will first want to turn the pump off. There is a drain on the tank which can be opened to drain the liquid out. If it was milk that got into the tank, you may want to suck some bleach water into the tank on purpose and then drain it again to sterilize the inside of the tank.
We recommend filling them to where the neck of the jar starts to taper, about 7/8 of the way full, if you fill fuller than this, some liquid may get into the simple PULSE tank.
We have a 2.5 stainless steel and 6 gallon PVC transparent milk buckets available for those with larger needs. They can be found on our Products page and can be added to your complete system when you place your order.
Yes, we designed the system to be easy to clean as we use it every day to milk our goats. We have a video in the videos section of the website on how to clean the hoses. The hoses are cleaned while the machine is on and uses the pulsation to pull cleaning solution through the hoses with lots of bubbles to strip the inside of the hoses. The glass jars and lids can be hand washed or washed in the dishwasher. Your simple PULSE tank will not need daily cleaning unless you accidentally get liquid in it, there is a drain on the tank to quickly remedy that situation. We do recommend that you clean your tank at least once a month to keep the inside clean.
We leave ours in our milk room as it is a dedicated room that can be closed from the barn. We hang our hoses to dry on a hook. Your simple PULSE comes in a wooden box if you order the complete system and you can carry it back and forth to the house or garage for storage between milkings or cover it between milkings to keep it clean.
Yes! Milking time is much shorter using the simple PULSE than milking by hand. We can milk 8 goats,clean up and filter our milk in about 30 minutes using our system.
Yes! It is very comfortable to milk with the simple PULSE if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel as the system does most of the work for you.