2016 Changes

Happy New Year!  Here at simple PULSE we have been busy this winter making some changes to our products and are ready to release our new designs.

We are raising our prices for the first time since we released our system 2 years ago as our supply costs have seen several increases in that time.

We have redesigned our tank to allow you to mount it either to the jar box, a wall or even a cart.  For those users who just want to use a larger bucket, this will allow you to easily mount the tank to a wall or cart and save you some money if you don’t need a box.

For those users who will be milking with the gallon jars and need the box, we are now making the boxes out of a white HDPE that is super easy to clean!  This material is not cheap so the box is a little bit more money but in our opinion well worth the extra investment ($25).  All of our systems give you the option of box materials, white HDPE, wood or no box.

The last change we have made is we have sourced some more powerful 3 cfm pumps that we are now using with our single animal systems.  This means a lower price on the single animal system for you!  If you plan on milking 2 at a time or a cow we recommend going with the 6 cfm model.

If you need any help picking the system that is right for your farm just give us a call or send us an email.

For those of you that already have our system but would like to upgrade to the white HDPE box, let us know and we will be able to modify it to house your current tank.  The box is $75.


Jesse and Cristen Sullivan